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Halal 16oz T-bone Steak - Includes 2/16 Oz

Halal 16oz T-bone Steak - Choice
Halal 16oz T-bone Steak - Choice
MBSTBONE01 includes 2-16 oz.steaks
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Halal T-Bone steak is a tasty cut of beef, made for those who want a serious, hearty 16 ounces of halal beef for their dining pleasure! This is top quality USDA Midwestern, corn fed USDA Choice Halal Beef at its best! A very tasty cut, you can roast, grill, or fry our halal T-Bone steaks and serve with potatoes and your favorite vegetables!  Halal Beef is rich in protein and other nutrients needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. Enjoy the hearty and succulent halal T-Bone steak for lunch or dinner!

This product is also defined as ‘Zabiha Halal’ or ‘Hand Slaughtered Halal’. Midamar Halal Meat products are certified by Islamic Services of America - the first and most widely recognized Halal Certifier in the USA. Each case has 2 16 oz. Halal steaks.

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Reviewer:Sharjeel Ahmad These steaks are to die for! Excellent cut with great marbling. Perfect for the grill
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