Halal Lamb Leg (boneless)

Halal Lamb Leg (boneless)
Halal Lamb Leg (boneless)
$30.48 / each
$185.63 / case

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Halal Leg of lamb is a premium quality cut that is tender and succulent every time you prepare it. You won't find many meats that are as tender and savory as a premium boneless leg of lamb. Take this top quality Halal lamb and serve it as a roast or cut it into cubes for your favorite stews. Halal Lamb Leg is rich in protein and other nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the hearty and succulent cuts of boneless Halal lamb leg roast for all your special meals!

This product is also defined as ‘Zabiha Halal’ or ‘Hand Slaughtered Halal’. Midamar Halal Lamb products are sourced from Australia and New Zealand and certified Halal by Malyasian authorities employing amongst the strictest Halal standards in the world  Each individual order contains 3.75 LB AVG of delicious and satisfying halal boneless lamb leg. Or order a case of 7 premium halal lamb legs. .

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