Halal Organic Ground Beef

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Say Hello to Halal™ Organic Ground Beef! You requested Organic Halal Beef and Midamar has now launched the new USDA Certified Halal Organic Beef line with popular, versatile, and delicious ground beef. Midamar Halal Organic beef is sourced from humanely raised Midwestern Cattle. No antibiotics, hormones, or steroids of any kind are used on these cattle. They are grass fed most of their lives and grain finished for approximately one month prior to harvest. They graze on certified organic pastures and consume certified organic grains. Midamar Halal Organic Cattle are raised on traceable and sustainable Midwestern family farms. Cattle are humanely hand slaughtered in accordance with Shariah Law by trained Muslim slaughtermen from Islamic Services of America. The first and most renowned Halal certifier in the USA.  There is 1 lb of Halal Organic Ground Beef in each package and there are 12 packages of Halal Organic Ground Beef in each case.

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Need a leaner option
Reviewer:Syred Can you please provide the extra lean - 95% option in the Organic Ground Beef? Cant wait any longer :D

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