Halal Hickory Smoked Premium Deli Turkey Breast*

Halal Premium Deli Style Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast MTBDHS
$77.31 / each
$138.18 / case

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Halal Hickory Smoked Premium Turkey Deli Turkey Breast is both Halalthy™ and delicious. This Halal Turkey is delicately smoked with hickory wood chips.  Thick or thin sliced turkey breast this good is only served in in the best delis. Now this tender and flavorful deli meat is available for you to enjoy at home.

Halal Turkey Deli Meats are hand slaughtered according to Islamic Dietary Law and are certified by the oldest, world renowned certifier,
Islamic Services of America.  Order the 8.5 lb chunk each of Halal turkey breast.

Note: This product was 
mechanically slaughtered in the presence of a Muslim Slaughterman.

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