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Halal Barbecue Picnic Bundle

Spring Picnic Bundle
Spring Picnic Bundle
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Enjoy the new Midamar Halal Spring Picnic Pack and get grilling!  The Midamar Halal picnic pack includes 8 100% beef Halal burgers 3.5 oz patties. , 1 package of tender Halal chicken breast contains 4 half breasts and weighs approximately 1.5 lbs., 4 delicious premium Halal steaks 6 ounce each steak, and a package of Midamar's famous Halal Chicken Franks includes 10 franks. Order now and you will receive all you need for an awesome family barbeque at a 40% savings.  Midamar provides you with all the premium quality meat and poultry you will need for a delicious Halal BBQ feast.  Midamar Halal meat and poultry products are certified by Islamic Services of America, the first and most internationally renowned Halal certification agency in the USA. This bundle makes a great gift for Mom, Dad, College Students or anyone who enjoys great tasting Halal food! Eat Halal and Be Happy!

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