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Best St. Patty's Day Side Dishes!

Best St. Patty's Day Side Dishes!

This week we're getting ready for our St. Patty's day get together with a couple of holiday favorites: Bacon Cabbage and Bacon Potato Pancakes!

The bacon cabbage was a surprise hit for me personally. Although, there's really not much to dislike about this dish. Bacon and crisp vegetables always goes well together, lookin' at you BLT. We start by cutting one head of cabbage into bite sized pieces, not finely chopped. We want to keep some body to the cabbage to give it a nice bite. Once chopped, we salt the cabbage and place it in a colander. The salt will pull the moisture out of the cabbage which will help keep the cabbage crisp and refreshing during cooking. While that drains, we cook up some Midamar Beef Bacon being sure to reserve the drippings. Then it's as easy finely chopping the bacon, patting the cabbage dry and frying. It really is as easy as it seems!

Our next recipe is for bacon potato pancakes. The question this recipe left me with is this: what exactly is a pancake? When I imagine pancakes, I don't picture a fried hashbrown, but I suppose it's time I open my mind a bit! This recipe is great not only because it tastes great, but because in the process we learn how to make hashbrowns at home. Which is, in my opinion, one of the most important pieces of information that one can have. Not to mention it's easy as well. Simple shred your potatoes, add your bacon, cheese, seasonings and herbs, and fry it up, easy as that. If I had one tip for this recipe it would be to use a food processor on the bacon instead of chopping it by hand. It will make the bacon extremely fine, but it also prevents there from being awkward lumps when biting into the pancake. In our tests, we found that it was better to have the bacon extremely fine and we assumed that would be the case with the cheese as well. The cheese being fine works, but after recording we decided it probably would have been better to use thicker shreds of cheese because we wanted to hit some gooey pockets of cheese rather than an even blending of ingredients in each bite. That said, taste is subjective, so if your gut tells you to have bigger chunks of bacon do what it tells you!

With that, I leave you. Check the written recipe below or find our instructional video beneath the written recipe!

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