Where is Midamar located?

Midamar was founded in 1974 in Cedar Rapids, IA and is still based there today.


Where do you ship to?

We ship to the contiguous 48 states. If you would like to order to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico please call us at 319-362-3711 to order. 


Are your products Halal?

Midamar has been producing premium quality Halal foods for over 45 years.


Who certifies you are Halal?

Midamar ships all over the world thus we have several Halal certifiers. Most often we work with ISA (Islamic Services of America) you can see our certificate here.


Are your products Zabiha?

All of our beef products are hand cut Zabiha Halal.


Which poultry products are Zabiha?

Products that are not Zabiha will have this note in the description "*NOTE: This product is mechanically slaughtered."


Are your products produced in the USA?

Yes, all of our products are slaughtered and produced in the United States.


Where are Midamar products available 

Midamar products are widely available in stores nationwide. Further, Midamar products are being introduced and added to mainstream supermarkets across the country. Our entire line of retail products is also available here on MidamarHalal.com!


How can I find a store that sells Midamar products? 

Please fill out our contact form and provide your zip code and we will send you a list of stores.


Why aren’t Midamar products available at my local store?

Stores will order new products if they receive demand for them. Ask your store manager to carry Midamar products and have them contact us!


Why hasn’t my order shipped yet?

To ensure our perishable products arrive in the best possible condition we only ship orders out Monday through Wednesday at 12pm CST. If you placed your order after that time it will ship out the following Monday. You can find more information on our shipping page here.


Will my order arrive frozen?

Our goal is to ensure your order arrives in the safest possible condition. You can see more on our shipping process here. However, your order may not arrive frozen but will still be cold and safe to eat within a recommended 7 days for beef and 3 days for poultry. We recommend using a food thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the product. Products should temp at 40 degrees or below, if not please contact us at customerservice@midamar.com or call 319-362-3711


What should I do if my package arrives damaged or the items have thawed?

Sometimes the order will arrive, and the dry ice has melted. Typically, this means the dry ice has done its job, and your product will be cold and ready for use. If the package is damaged it is possible for the dry ice to evaporate more quickly. Always check that your product is frozen or cold before placing it in your freezer. In the event that your package arrives in a damaged and or thawed condition please contact customer service at 1-800-362-3711 or customerserivce@midamar.com before discarding the packaging and contents.


How do the Rewards work? 

You can find all the information on our rewards program here!


Can I order for my business?

If you have a retail store, restaurant, hospital, school, or other institution and you would like to order Halal products please contact us at customerservice@midamar.com or call 319-362-3711. We can provide wholesale pricing for pallet quantities.