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Camping Mac and Cheese

Camping Mac and Cheese

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I'd really like to go camping this weekend but, I also want to have mac n cheese. Boy, what a conundrum!" Well, my friend, you're problem is not only extremely specific, but also can be solved with this week's recipe!

First off, this recipe is so simple, so customizable, and so tasty, that it has officially become one of my go to "I don't feel like cooking" meals. I just spend 30 minutes on a weekend prepping a few tins and pop them on the grill or in the oven when I get home from a long day. It takes all the cheesiness that I love from mac n cheese and adds that nice smokey flavor Midamar's Campfire Grillers are known for, plus that great grilled flavor and creates a truly satisfying meal. 

Let's talk customization: when we think of mac n cheese we imagine the classic macaroni noodles covered in cheese sauce. But it can be so much more! Add some pepperjack, or Midamar hot links ;), to give your mac some heat. Add some Midamar Halal beef bacon or campfire grillers to get some nice smokey flavor, add any other cheese and mix it up. Macaroni is simply the canvas on which your creativity can flow. Or keep it simple! Simple is always good.

So, let's talk about using this on a camping trip. You will have to keep it in a cooler with ice to make sure it doesn't go bad, but that is well worth. So long as you have some kind of utensil you can use to remove the pie tin from being near the fire. Once it's melty and cooked, it's good to go!

That's it for us this week, if you tried this, let us know on social media and we'll see you next week for another great recipe!


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