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Chopped Italian Sandwich

Chopped Italian Sandwich

This week we’re trying out the chopped sandwich we saw on Tiktok not too long ago!

On my first viewing of this recipe, I thought: “wow, that looks messy but quite tasty.” What I could never have anticipated was that it was actually moredelicious than it was messy, which is rare for me. Personally, messy foods are not something I enjoy. I don’t like to feel sticky or have a bunch of stuff in my beard while I’m eating or after I’ve finished. I don’t want to feel like I need a shower after I eat. However, this sandwich, while messy, is manageably messy.

However, it is less manageable while preparing it. As we were making it, I realized that this was basically just a giant Italian salad with too much meat and served on bread with mayonnaise. Which was an eye-opening thought: it got me thinking about all sandwiches and salads. While I’d not be so bold as to call a hot dog a sandwich or cheese a “loaf of milk,” I have a much harder time not thinking of salads as reverse sandwiches or sandwiches as meaty salads. But I think that is a grander discussion than I have authority to speak on…

So, in this recipe I wanted to try making the sandwich almost exactly how I saw it made on the tiktok video, so we threw on some of our pepperoni and salami. As always, all of our products are made from Halal certified meat, beef in this case. But with our pepperoni, we go a step further, we want to get as authentic a flavor as we can, so we age dry age our pepperoni to make sure that it gives the best flavor. That is extremely important when using it as a sandwich meat because if we made it cheaper it would lose a lot flavor once mixed with the toppings and vegetables. After that we hit it with some salami, which we also make in the traditional style, our halal beef bacon top with provolone, veggies, condiments, seasonings, and then we get to choppin’!

However, this could also be made with a more gyro style twist by simply removing the pepperoni, salami, and bacon and substituting in our gyro meat. I would be best to cook the gyro meat a bit before hand to make sure that it tastes a little better. Than swap out the banana peppers with kalamata olives and tomatoes, and swap out the mayo and Italian dressing for tzatziki sauce and serve it on some pitas!

And that’s it! Go ahead and give it a try and if you like it let us know on our socials!

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