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Cooking with Cass: Labor Day Special

Cooking with Cass: Labor Day Special

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope it’s filled with fun and relaxation for you and your family and I’d like to share some of our favorite recipes for this weekend. To start I’ll share my little brother’s favorite recipe from these three, Peach Hot Link Skewers. My brother Laith loves spicy food a lot. Like, a lot. So, even though he and I are pretty much the only ones who end up eating it I make a nice smokey and spicy peach glaze for the hot links and coat them before grilling and then reapply the glaze while it’s being grilled. This recipe calls for grilled fruit which, when I made it the first time, I was worried they wouldn’t be good, but I actually found that I really like grilled peaches and plums a lot. Plus, they go really well with our Hot Links, and I always like a good excuse to have more Hot Links! Oh, one last thought, this would still be really good without the heat. Switch the Hot Links out for our Jumbo Beef Franks and take out the cayenne pepper and the smoked paprika and you should get just the sweet of the glaze.

The second recipe is grilled kufta, it’s a classic in our house. The key is to use freshly picked parsley and try to remove as many stems as you can from the leaves. This is… tedious, to say the least but, anything worth doing is worth doing right so ugh, get pluckin’! Once that part is over, chop some green onions into bite sized pieces and then slice them up in a food processor. My mom helped me make this and she said, “Make you sure mention in the blog to only put parsley in the processor and then take it out and process the green onion by itself!” So. Do that. I think it’s because you want to make sure that green onion gets sliced into tiny pieces, and that can be hard because it gets very wet after being processed.

The final recipe is the Cowboy Baked Beans. This is a really simple baked beans recipe, but it’s probably one of my favorites of the bunch. Combine 2 cans of vegetarian baked beans with 2 cups of brown sugar and toss in some sliced campfire grillers. It’s smokey, it’s sweet, it’s easy, and you end up with baked beans in the end, so I call it a win! Whatever you do this weekend make sure that you enjoy your time with your family and make sure you relax. Cause, ya’know, that’s the whole point of this weekend!



 For the Peach Hot Link Skewers


1 package of Midamar Jumbo Hot Links

2 tbsp Canola oil

¾ cup Peach Preserves

Juice of one Lime

Zest of 1 Lime

1 ½ tsp Ginger

1 tsp Smoked Paprika 

 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

2 firm ripe Peaches cut into wedges

4 firm ripe Plums cut int wedges

8-12 mini sweet peppers or 1 large bell pepper cut into squares


1) In a mixing bowl, combine preserves, lime zest, lime juice, oil, ginger, paprika, and cayenne. Set aside

2) Cut Hot Links into bite sized pieces. Skewer fruit, peppers, and hot links.

3) Put preserve mix into a non-stick skillet and heat on low until  melted and viscous.

4) Using a basting brush paint the preserve mixture over the skewers on both sides.

5) Grill over medium heat, flipping half way to apply more preserve mixture.

6) Remove from the grill and enjoy!


For Grilled Kufta


2 lbs Midamar 80/20 Ground Beef

1 lb Ground Lamb

1 bunch of parsley, leaves removed from the stems

1 bunch of green onions, bottoms removed

1 tsp salt and pepper


1) after removing leaves from stems, put parsley leaves into food processor and pulse 7-10 times or until finely chopped. Remove to a mixing bowl.

2) after removing bottoms from green onions, pulse in a food processor 7-10 times or until finely chopped. Remove to the same mixing bowl.

3) Add meat to mixing bowl and combine until homogeneous.

4) Grill at medium heat, flipping once throughout

5) serve with Salata or spinach salad and enjoy!


For Cowboy Baked Beans:


1 Package of Midamar Campfire Grillers cut into small slices

2 28 oz cans of Vegetarian Baked Beans

2 cups of Brown Sugar


1) After slicing the grillers, cook over medium high heat until grillers are cooked through and browning slightly remove from heat

2) In a pot, pour both cans of baked beans and heat on medium high. Once bubbling add both cups of brown sugar, cook until brown sugar is melted and homogenous.

3) Add Campfire Grillers and cook until hot.

4) Enjoy!

That’s it for me for this week everyone, I hope you all enjoy these recipes and we’ll see you next week for more great Halal Recipes! Follow us on Facebook  and Instagram and subscribe to us on Youtube to check out all our great recipes!

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