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Homemade and Halal BBQ Chicken Pizza

Homemade and Halal BBQ Chicken Pizza

We here at Midamar have one question to ask you, dear reader: Are you celebrating National Pizza Day? Or are you just looking for a recipe to add some homemade flair to pizza night at home? I know that’s more than just one question, but if you answered yes to one or both of those then you may be excited to see that this weeks recipe will provide amazing homemade and Halal BBQ chicken pizza! So whether you’re celebrating pizza day or not, this recipe has what you need to treat yourself and if that interests you, then read on!

Before we get into the exciting stuff like juicy Halal chicken or melty cheese, we want to take some time to appreciate the homemade dough that we made for this recipe. If you have the time and want to try your hand at making dough, this recipe will give you enough dough for 2 full pizzas so if you’re needing to feed a family or are just a pizza enthusiast, this dough provides. It’s only a handful of ingredients, but you just need to have to patience to put it all together slowly and let it rise. It’s absolutely worth taking the time to make your own dough not only for the tasty and crispy pizza crust it provides, but because sometimes it feels good to take pride in knowing that you made something from scratch and having it turn out even better than you expected. So way to go, chef! You are now the proud owner of homemade pizza dough that makes the perfect starting place for an amazing BBQ pizza.

Now for the pizza itself we used premium Halal chicken breast and a little Halal breakfast beef, both from Midamar over top and these are always great. The chicken was juicy and tender, and the breakfast beef added a little bit of crispiness and smokiness that you want to savor in every bite. And speaking of savoring, the addition of some savory sliced red onion throughout and BBQ sauce instead of traditional pizza sauce give these pizzas a tanginess and combination of great flavors that are a welcomed change-up from what you expect from other pizzas. All these together with freshly shredded mozzarella and a quick trip to a hot oven that will give you spectacularly tasty pizzas that will have you coming back for slice after slice, and if you choose to make both pizzas that this dough recipe provides, then you’ll have plenty of slices to come back to and maybe even a few for leftovers!

And that’s all there is to it. A simple dough recipe and a few tasty toppings for two full, homemade, and delicious pizzas? That sounds like a good deal to us, and it absolutely pays off, so we’re hoping you feel like giving it a try so you can see for yourself! You’ll have plenty of pizza to share and we’re hoping you share it with someone that you think will enjoy it too, and we’re hoping we see you next week for a new recipe, but until then, enjoy!

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