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Easy and Delicious Slow Cooked Fajitas

Easy and Delicious Slow Cooked Fajitas

We were very excited to try this recipe this week for a couple of reasons. First off, who doesn’t love chicken fajitas? And spoiler alert: These were amazing! And second, with Fall weather coming around ‘tis the season for slow cooker recipes, which means that this can also be a delicious and easy dinner idea, just set it, forget it and come back in a few hours to an incredible and Halal Mexican dinner, and maybe you’ll get a new favorite recipe out of it while you’re at it! So let’s dive in.

Sometimes after a long day, week, month, year, whatever, the last thing you want to do is make a complicated recipe that takes hours of involvement and complicated steps to follow. Not this time, this recipe is all the simple ingredients you love about fajitas, chicken breast, peppers, onions, and seasoning, and you can let the slow cooker do so much of the work of cooking for you! And you have so many options in what you want in these fajitas. Love peppers but don’t love onion? Add or remove from the recipe as you see fit. Want something a little spicier? Add spicier peppers or a few jalapeños! You can use a premade fajita mix for your seasoning or if you have the ingredients and a few extra minutes make your own at home like we did. We loved this chicken fajita recipe because it tasted great and was easy, and it really is just that easy.

We cooked it all on high for about 3 hours and when we came back the chicken was fall-apart tender and perfect for shredding, the peppers and onions were just soft enough but without losing a little bit of satisfying crunch, and it was all smelling so good we couldn’t wait to finally get to try it. But don’t forget a very important step right at the very end, a little mix of lime juice and honey mixed into the cooked peppers gives it a little bit of extra tanginess and a little sweetness that was very welcomed punch up in flavor. With all the cooking done for you the hardest thing to do now is decide what toppings you want to add to your fajitas! We had a spread of all the classics like cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Mix and match your favorites and treat yourself to one incredible dinner!

But that’s it for this week! We’re hoping you give this a try and let us know what you think or what you did differently. We wanted to share this with you, we’re hoping you share this with someone you know in need of a recipe idea, and we’ll see you next time.

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