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Easy and On-The-Go Egg Bites!

Easy and On-The-Go Egg Bites!

Over the last several weeks we have provided some absolutely fantastic recipes that we thought would bring some mouth-watering variety to your dinner table, but this week we wanted to change it up and offer you a breakfast recipe that will start your day off right. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we wanted to treat it that way with these convenient and very tasty Halal sausage egg bites. We think there’s so much here for you to enjoy that you won’t want to wait to get your day started just so you can treat yourself to an amazing breakfast, so let’s take a look!

Right away one of the best things about this recipe is its versatility, we decided to make a few different options of egg bites but they all had our delicious breakfast sausage and a selection vegetables, there’s a lot to love about the recipe we made but you can feel free to experiment and substitute your favorite breakfast foods, veggies, herbs or spices to suit your taste. But you can’t go wrong with the recipe we provide because we ended up with fluffy and flavorful egg bites with savory sausage mixed in, and as a bonus you’ll get some of your daily vegetables from it too. No matter what you decide to make them with, these are also a handy on-the-go breakfast that you can make ahead of time, refrigerate, and then take with you in the morning when you’re in need of a little pick me up. Trust me, we all know how easy it is to skip breakfast to get a little more sleep, but this is a recipe that does it all to get you a breakfast you deserve to start your day with.

Speaking of the recipe, for our egg bites we opted to use a simple blend of red and green bell peppers, cherry tomato, and spinach. This made bites that were flavorful without any part of it being too overpowering and makes a delightful egg breakfast with the benefit of fresh veggies. We also made a few that used Sno-Pac organic hashbrowns mixed in to give a few amore savory flavor, and using a classic breakfast favorite like hashbrowns made these little morning pick-me-ups all the better. But the real star of the recipe was the sausage links mixed in, and you have options in how you can incorporate them in your own as well. The first method is simply cooking the sausage and cutting it into small pieces before mixing them in and this gives delicious and juicy bites of flavor in the final product. The second method is removing the sausage from the casing and cooking it as crumbled sausage, this gives smaller pieces mixed throughout the egg bite for a more subtle flavor while still satisfying that morning sausage craving. No matter what you decide, you really cannot go wrong by using this in your own recipe, it turned out to be a breakfast flavor feast that is sure to delight and surprise that it’s all packed into one convenient little muffin!

And that’s all there is to it! A quick prep time and a quicker cook time is all you need for an all-in-one breakfast in one convenient package! Now you can treat yourself to a mouth-watering recipe in the morning, and if you haven’t already, another one for dinner by checking out some of our other blogs and YouTube! This was truly a recipe we wanted to share with you, and as always, we’re hoping you share it with someone you think would enjoy it. If you enjoyed it let us know, and if you decided to make it your own let us know what you did to make it even better! Until next time, from all of us here at Midamar, we hope you enjoy.

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