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Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich 3 Ways

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich 3 Ways

When you’re craving lunch at home, sometimes nothing beats a homemade sandwich. It’s a simple way of getting any ingredients and flavors you want all in one convenient package! And when it comes to sandwiches, a club sandwich stacked high with your favorite meat and veggies for a no hassle lunch is a cut above the rest. But as always, we wanted to provide more than just a simple sandwich recipe, so this week we have recipes for a chicken club sandwich, wrap, and salad so you can enjoy the best homemade lunch made Halal next time you’re craving a club.

Normally a club sandwich is made with cuts of deli meat, but we wanted to take advantage of grilling season and the warmer weather by getting out and grilling Halal chicken breast for these recipes instead. Because a club sandwich has two layers of ingredients with a piece of bread in the middle, that means two pieces of chicken per sandwich so it’s best to slice the breast in half and pound it flat before grilling, then slice in half again so it can fit on your sandwich. This chicken paired with fresh veggies, pesto mayo sauces, and Halal beef bacon all between a sandwich made with three slices of bread makes for a powerful sandwich indeed, but the flavor is unmatched with an amazing mix of texture that ties it all together. And if you’re looking for a low carb option and still want all these great flavors, try it on a wrap! This all goes great on a tortilla and rolled together for when you want a Halal chicken club but in a lighter package.

For those looking for an even healthier version of this than the wrap, what luck that all these ingredients go great together in a salad! We wanted to stay true to a club sandwich but in salad form, so we stuck with same basic ingredients of chicken, Halal beef bacon, and tomatoes with homemade croutons. And no sandwich is complete with a good sauce, so for the dressing we made a simple mayo-based dressing with some mustard and lemon juice that was perfect over the top of the salad. It’s a dressing that’s lighter on mayonnaise flavor and is instead cut with the lemon juice for a lighter and crisper salad dressing style sauce that makes this salad feel crisp and refreshing, perfect for a springtime meal.

That’s it for these recipes, a few ingredients go a long way to providing three fantastic options for a tasty Halal lunch that takes advantage of the grilling season. So next time you’re craving a club sandwich or are looking for something a little lighter without lacking in flavor, any one of these recipes will do you well. As always, we’re hoping you try this for yourself and share it with someone you think might enjoy it, and we’ll see you next time for a new and exciting recipe.

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