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Hearty and Halal Pizza Soup

Hearty and Halal Pizza Soup

This week we have an interesting recipe for those of you that want a classic food for dinner but also want to change it up with this hearty pizza soup. So if you’re in the mood for pizza for dinner and want to experiment a little bit in the kitchen with a recipe that isn’t too demanding then this one’s for you! We decided to make a meat lovers pizza using a few Halal products and you’ll be happy to hear that pizza is always good, even in soup form! So let’s take a look.

This was a pretty quick and simple recipe that you can use next time you and your family are in the mood for a pizza night, and it makes plenty of tasty and filling soup so you can avoid that sinking feeling you get when you go back for more pizza only to find that someone’s already taken the last slice. This will make enough for you, your family, and still leave you enough for leftovers! And the prep time is no problem at all, just cook some Halal ground beef, beef bacon, and pepperoni with some seasoning in the same pot you’ll be making the soup in, chop some peppers and onion and toss them in with tomato sauce and Halal chicken broth and your job is basically already done! Just wait for it to come to a boil and let it simmer while you add some shredded cheese and let it melt into the soup and you’ll have a pot of thick, rich, and most importantly delicious soup that tastes just like your favorite pizza!

With a recipe this simple you really can make it taste just like your favorite kind of soup, we decided to make it a meat lovers pizza with ground beef, beef bacon, and pepperoni but there’s nothing stopping you from taking out or adding whatever toppings you like! And speaking of toppings, no pizza is complete without a string of gooey, melty cheese you get when you bite into a fresh slice so don’t forget to top your bowl with some extra shredded cheese and let it melt over top to give every spoonful that extra cheesy goodness. We recommend using a blend of freshly shredded mozzarella and gouda, the same cheese we melted into the soup as it was simmering, and it was absolutely fantastic. We also elected to make ourselves garlic bread while we let our pot get to a boil and having that to dip into the soup was a simple and tasty addition to an already great recipe!

This has been another recipe that we could not get enough of and we were so excited to share with you, and now we’re hoping you share it with someone, both the recipe and the soup, and let us know what you think or what you added to make this recipe your own. Until next time and we hope you enjoy!

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