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Halal Broiled Steak and Garlic Parmesan Potatoes

Halal Broiled Steak and Garlic Parmesan Potatoes

Halal Steak: you want them, we have them; and today we're going to making a truly satisfying dinner featuring Halal steaks from We have a wide variety of choice grade halal steaks, ranging from tenderloins to ribeyes.

Which is a great segway into our steak of choice for this recipe: the ribeye. Midamar's United Steaks of America brand brings high quality halal beef cuts sourced straight from farms here in the U.S. to ensure you get the best tasting beef available. 

Now, we come to a discussion on food philosophy. Hold on! It's not as intense as it may seem. When it comes to tasty meats, everyone has a different philosophy. Some people want to season it as little as possible to preserve the natural flavor of the steak, whereas others prefer to make a sauce to mix flavors and create a something that's more an appreciation of both the beef, but also the ingredients in the sauce. This time, we decided to go with the former philosophy and focus on lightly seasoning the steak so as to preserve the beefy flavor that we all love. But there is no wrong answer! If you'd prefer to slap some garlic butter and mushrooms on top of this steak, that is what you gotta do.

The next portion of this meal is the potatoes and the green beans. As always, we're using Sno Pac green beans here, because sno pac has the best frozen vegetables we've ever had. That's why we sell them. We want to give you and your family or friends the opportunity to have the best dinner you can. Finally, the potatoes. Recently, we saw a recipe on tiktok for some garlic potatoes that looked exquisite, so we had to throw it into this recipe. And what a choice that was. We also decided to broil this steak with a compound butter that is similar to the the marinade used on the potatoes. For this, we decided to omit the parmesan and focus down on the butter and garlic which gave our steaks a nice buttery flavor.

Well, I think that's all there is to say from us here at Midamar! If you want to see all the delicious meals we make, be sure to subscribe to us on youtube and follow us on instagram for great weekly recipes and click here to watch us make this or find the written recipe below!

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