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Halal Chipotle Cobb Salad

Halal Chipotle Cobb Salad

Salad: A divisive food. Some love it, others call it "rabbit food." No matter if you love salad or hate it, we can all agree that salad is good for you!

All the greens in it are great for a refreshing lunch to keep you awake and productive during the day at work or during your weekend outing. So, we wanted to take this refreshing food and take it up a notch by adding some smokey heat and juicy grilled chicken.

We started by letting our juicy Halal chicken marinate in a spicy mix of seasonings and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. This gives the chicken a nice smokey flavor in addition to the heat that comes from the peppers. Next come the greens, what should you use? This is something that we in the studio often discuss and typically don't have a great answer for. We usually are trying to think about what will make the best image with lots of texture and color to really convey how tasty these recipes are. For that reason, we usually default to a spring mix of greens. The nice bright greens and purples add a good amount of color to the photo without being too overbearing. However, if I were making this at home, I'd probably go with spinach because I really love the flavor it brings to dishes. However, pretty much any mix of salad greens will work in this recipe.

Then comes the remaining toppings. We went with Sno Pac Organic Corn, which we conveniently sell... but also because corn brings a nice little bit of starchy sweetness to help cut the spicy or the salty from the beef bacon. Speaking of, our Breakfast Beef (aka Halal beef bacon); it's a classic. As everyone knows, bacon goes on everything, and salad is no exception. Given, if you're trying to go for a super healthy route, I'd suggest swapping this out for the turkey bacon or omitting it completely. Finally, the strawberries, or strawbs as we call them. They're great with the caesar dressing, they're great with the bacon, they're compliment the chicken beautifully. Honestly, I'm surprised how much I liked them in this salad! I knew it would be good but, the flavor of the strawberry paired with spiciness of the chipotles and the creaminess of the dressing has become something that makes me salivate just thinking about. Next time I make this, I'm going to try it with blueberries as well, I'm sure that would add a little extra depth and variety to this already tasty summer salad.

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