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Halal Double Bacon Burgers!

Halal Double Bacon Burgers!

Hello, and welcome to! The home place of Halal options. Our specialty here is creating the exact food items that you want to be able to eat while still adhering to an Islamic diet.

This recipe is the perfect case in point of the above. We have taken our award winning Halal All-Beef Bacon and made them into restaurant style burgers. How did we do this you ask? Check the video below to see me, Cassem Aossey, make this delicious recipe or keep scrolling for the full recipe. 

For those looking for more details, I'll share a few different tips that might make these burger even easier to make. For starters, chopping our halal beef bacon into ground meat consistency is tough on the hand and takes a good bit of time. Alternatively, you could cut the bacon into large pieces and place it in a food processor. The consistency is slightly more fine then when you cut it by hand, but it'll taste great regardless of how you prepare the bacon. The second thing I would suggest is to cook the sandwich style beef bacon on the grill to make sure it's also warm and ready for when it comes to eat. Normally, I wouldn't suggest this because the bacon loses some of it's smokey flavor when the fat drips down the grill, but considering there's bacon in our burger, it'll still be great!

And that's it, if you don't have a grill just toss these in a pan over medium and pan fry until cooked through and juices run clear. Check out our video here or keep scrolling for the full recipe.


1 package Midamar Beef Bacon

1 package Midamar Sandwich Style Beef Strips

2 lbs Midamar 93/7 Ground Beef

Red Onion, sliced thin

Tomatoes, sliced thin

BBQ Sauce



1) Finely chop Halal Beef Bacon or pulse 10 times in a food processor

2) Using gloved hands, mix ground bacon with ground beef until completely incorporated. Take handfuls of meat and form into round patties. 

3) Grill, or pan fry, patties for 5-10 minutes or until juices run clear (no red)

4) Serve on buns with onions, tomatoes, and bbq sauce and enjoy!

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