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Mini Halal Sausage Popper Boats

Mini Halal Sausage Popper Boats

As I've been scrolling instagram recently I've seen videos of people making large sausages into an appetizer stuffed with cheese, jalapeno, and cream cheese. I like the idea, but the main problem here is finding a non-pork sausage. As far as I know, there are no large raw sausages in the Halal market, or at least in my local area. So I thought, why not try making them with our newly released Halal sausage links? 

That leads us to today's recipe! The first issue to consider is size. Most of the recipes I have seen use extremely large sausages but they almost always end up cutting the sausages in half serving them as little appetizers. Because Midamar's Halal breakfast sausage links are already much smaller, we don't have to worry about cutting anything in half. So that's one less step. Next, we need to thinly slice some hot peppers. I used jalapenos in this video, but you could use whatever you like. If you like it really hot try this with habaneros, but do that at your own risk. After that it's pretty basic, cream cheese and cheddar cheese. This time I didn't use a lot of cheese, not just because the size of the sausages but also because I knew my mom was going to be trying these and she doesn't really like cheese. That said, use as much cheese as you like! If you do use more cheese, I would suggest cooking the sausage a little bit first, then adding the cheese, that way you don't burn most of your cheese on the bottom of the pan. I'll be sure to mention that in the instructions below as well.

That's it though, not a lot to this recipe really. It's easy to make for a weekend breakfast item, if you did that I'd suggest adding some Sno Pac hashbrowns. You could also serve these as appetizers. Seeing as the football season is just getting started I'd suggest getting a couple packages of the sausages and making some with jalapeno and some with habanero. Who doesn't love a heat challenge with friends right? 

That's it for me this week, to see me make this, click here or keep scrolling for the full recipe! 



2 packages Midamar Halal Sausage Links - thawed but still cold

1 - 2 Jalapenos, sliced thin

Shredded Cheddar Cheese (for best melt, shred yourself)

4 oz Cream Cheese, Cold

Sno Pac Organic Hashbrowns


 1) Remove sausage from package, cut a small slit in one side of each sausage. Using your fingers, gently open the sausage. Form into a small boat shape. Place jalapenos inside sausage. grab a small amount of cream cheese and form into a thin log shape, place inside sausage. Cover with desired amount of cheese, unless using lots of cheese.

2) Place sausages in a pan over medium low heat with a small amount of water (about 3 tbsp), cover with a lid and let steam until sausage is cooked and cheese is melted. If using lots of cheese, let cook for about 1 minute, add cheese, cover, and cook until cheese is melted. 

3) Serve with Sno Pac Organic Hashbrowns, oranges, and enjoy!

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