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Quick and easy bacon jalapeño poppers!

Quick and easy bacon jalapeño poppers!

Do you have a dinner you’re hosting for family or get together with friends that needs something quick, easy, and delicious for everyone to snack on? Well this weeks recipe has you covered because it is all of those things and we are very excited to share it with you, because this week we have a bacon wrapped jalapeño popper recipe that we loved and we think you will too!

This recipe is perfect if you’re in the mood for something quick and easy to serve to guests (or if you just love jalapeño poppers for yourself) and its simplicity doesn’t cut corners on flavor. They’re so simple in fact that the hardest part about them might be stopping yourself from eating them all and saving some for guests because these little treats are seriously tasty! You’ll only need 4 ingredients to get started, cream cheese, shredded cheddar, roughly a dozen-and-a-half jalapeños, and halal beef bacon and you’re ready to get cooking. The only trick to keep in mind is that mixing the cream cheese and cheddar will give you plenty of filling so you may want to make sure you have enough jalapeños for it to go into without over-stuffing them. But if you do over-fill the only problem you’ll have when they’re done baking is more gooey cheesy deliciousness leaking out of the jalapeños, which isn’t always a bad thing, so don’t be afraid to put the filling to good use! Once stuffed they’ll get wrapped in Midamar bacon, then all that’s left is to lay them out on a lined sheet pan and bake until the bacon is nice and crispy, and that’s it! You now have gooey, cheesy, crispy, tangy, homemade appetizers for everyone to enjoy and the whole process is done in no time.

But if you want a couple of different options using these same ingredients, we also took this opportunity to make some bacon jalapeño cheese crisps. With the quick addition of some shredded parmesan to go with the cheddar, topped with jalapeño slices, bacon, and baked for 10 minutes you’ll have some tasty little cheese chips for those that don’t want as much jalapeño flavor.

It’s just that simple, a handful of ingredients and a quick bake time is all that stands between you and the perfect snack that is sure to satisfy. That’s it for this weeks recipe, we’re glad we get to share it with you and we hope you share it with someone else, and as always let us know what you thought of this or what you did differently and we can’t wait to get to share something new with you next week!

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