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Roll Up This Italian Classic!

Roll Up This Italian Classic!

Lasagna: a classic family favorite or Americans everywhere. Or at least one of my favorites! 

My mom would make lasagna all the time when I was kid, admittedly she didn't roll it up. She always served ours in the classic square shape, which was always great. But sometimes, you gotta mix it up. Sometimes you gotta get a lil crazy. Sometimes you gotta roll those noodles.

My first thought when we started filming this was: How exactly am I supposed cook this noodle... Some people cook the lasagna noodle before they make lasagna the traditional way but, my mom would always place the uncooked noodle in the pan and would come out tender and flavorful. Obviously, that method doesn't work here. So, my crew and I decided we'd try to cook them slowly. Basically, we stuck the noodles in boiling water and once the noodle was malleable we pushed the remaining hard part into the water. We did this until several noodles could be cooked at once. Then we removed them to a cool water bath to make sure they didn't dry out too much to roll up later. 

Then it was time for the fillings! This is the same ole same ole that makes lasagna so tasty. Whip up some ricotta filling with seasonings and more cheese, mix up some meaty marinara with Midamar's Halal ground beef. We remove the noodles from the cold water bath and lay them out on a sheet pan; now it's time to top! Simply place a tablespoon or two of each of your fillings and spread them thin across the whole noodle.

Next comes my favorite part: the rolling. I was actually surprised how much fun I found this part to be. Enjoy the simple things, ya'know? It's as simple as lifting one edge and tightly tucking it in and sliding your fingers across the bottom. Because the noodle is still wet, I found that it rolled up really well.

After that, we bake it for a bit cook up some garlic bread and serve it up!

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