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Short Cut Homemade Ravioli

Short Cut Homemade Ravioli

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! This week, my crew and I decided that we would try making easy homemade ravioli using Halal Italian style sausage. With that, we decided we'd make our version of an Italian sausage using Midamar's Halal ground beef and some seasoning. We had discussed making this a spicy sausage, seeing as so many people like spicy but, we decided against it this time. That said, if you wanted this to be a spicy sausage, all you'd have to do is add red chili flake to your desired heat level; maybe a tsp or two. From there it's as easy as browning the beef, chopping it fine in a food processor, and making your ravioli.

That said, the making of the ravioli is the most time consuming part. With Evan, Adham, and myself, I believe it took us about 15 minutes to make a whole package of wonton's worth of ravioli. Once you get the hang of the method though, it doesn't take that long. We started laying our wontons, brushing the edges with an egg that we whipped up, then placed about 1 tbsp of filling in the center. Then, we took a fork and pressed the edges so that the wontons were sealed. All pretty simple stuff, plus, it's kinda fun if you have some friends to do it with or a podcast to listen to.

After that, we decided to stick with the theme of simplicity and we used a jar of my personal favorite marinara sauce and served it topped with freshly grated parmesan and some torn basil leaves and it was delicious! My crew and I ate the plate you see in the picture for lunch and the rest was eaten by the people here at the Midamar office and warehouse.

This meal is does take a little extra time, but the end dish is well worth the effort. Check out our full written recipe below or, if you want to see us make this, check out our video down below!

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