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Sweet Tea BBQ Chicken

Sweet Tea BBQ Chicken

This week we're heading back out to the grill with a tasty new recipe! This time, we're going to glaze our chicken with a sweet and slightly fruity glaze made from sweet tea and apple juice. 

But before we get to the grill, we have a couple things we need to do first. For starters, we need to season the chicken. This can be done in practically any way that you prefer, however, this time I thought I'd try mixing it up a bit. We still have the classics: garlic powder, pepper flakes, paprika, salt, pepper. However this time we're going to mix it up a bit. This time, we're gonna take break some barriers, gonna get a little crazy. This time? We're adding seafood seasoning.

I know, it's insanity. It also doesn't really sound like it'll make much sense, right? We're making chicken, why use seafood seasoning? Well, I suggest tasting the seasoning on it's own a little bit to get an idea of the flavor. In my experience, most seasonings can be used on virtually anything. For example, growing up my dad would make a variation on a meatloaf that used hamburger seasoning rather than whatever is usually used in meatloaf. With that in mind, I entered our studio with my eyes set on trying something new. And, much as I anticipated, it ended up being very tasty and did not at all resemble a dish o' the sea.

The next thing we did to mix it up, was to bake it. You may be wondering, "why would I bake this? I am going to grill it and glaze it, that'll cook it," and you'd be right. However, in this case, I didn't want to filet the chicken breast or butterfly it. This creates an issue as the exterior of the chicken will cook well before the interior and lead us to a potentially paradoxical chicken. Both burned on the outside and still raw on the inside. 

While memes of medium rare chicken may make me laugh, actually getting sick from raw chicken does not. Hence why we bake it! This allows us to not only fully cook the chicken, but it gives us another opportunity to add some flavors to our chicken. Not only do we season it but also add mixture of water and apple juice so we can impart a little bit of the sweet fruitiness before we get to the full on glaze. That helps us get the flavor deeper in the chicken, rather than just on the exterior. 

After that, we move out to the grill! For our glaze, we're keeping it real simple. All we're going to do is add some apple juice, sweet tea, and BBQ sauce together. If you want to get a little fancy, go ahead and switch the apple juice for apple cider. After that, we toss our meat on preheated grill, brush them with a lil glaze and close up the lid. Let it cook for a minute or so, just to cook out some of that moisture. After that, flip it, brush it again, and continue that process until it hits a level you're happy with or until you run out of glaze.

In our picture, we decided to serve this chicken with pasta salad and a caeser salad, but this with some chips and coleslaw, chips and potato salad, or just chips would be great!

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