• Premium Quality Beef Choice Roast

  • No MSG, Organ Meat, Or Fillers Added

  • Try The 1 Lb Packages Or The Case Of 12 Packs

"Great quality, great taste. Perfect for beef curry in the pressure cooker. Once again, Midamar did not disappoint. We have had a great experience ordering with this website. Our order arrived promptly in the mail and was well-packaged." -Justice S.

Midamar's Halal Beef Stew Meat is a premium quality beef choice roast conveniently cut into small pieces for versatile cooking. You can also fry or barbecue Halal Beef Stew Meat on its own with a little onion and garlic for a delicious kebob. Once you taste this stew meat you will know that it is a cut above the rest!

Halal Boneless Beef Stew Meat

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emre Gumuskaya
Very delicious!

I live in NJ and halal food is plenty around here including fresh halal meat in many groceries in northern NJ. However, I used to live in Iowa almost 2 decades ago and I remember Midamar quality and taste, plus the halal meat over here sometimes could have subpar quality. Anyhow, I wanted to give Midamar beef cubes a try. It was shipped very fast and they were rock solid frozen within its packaging with plenty of dry ice in the box- kudos to fedex as well! The taste is so much better, I mean soooo much better- incredibly better! I had guests a few days ago, and people cleaned their plates with bread to get every piece of this tasty meat. Normally when I buy beef cubes, it takes forever for the meat to feel cooked or soft enough to chew. Midamar beef cubes cook very easily, very soft and have great taste. I believe they are cut from best parts of the meat and the cows must be grass-fed or handled as best as possible, or not too old. I wish and hope that they get either grass-fed or organic stamp to back their quality and reach out to many more quality meat lovers. I purchased a case of 12 single pound beef cubes and only 1/3rd left in less than 2 weeks. The price is very reasonable in my opinion. I am definitely willing to buy again.


All of my meat products that we've received, from the steaks, burgers to the beef stew are fantastic. We plan to get more. Thank also, for your service.

Christopher Caradine
The Very Best Beef Stew Meat

This meat is very tender and it really tastes good. I use it in some dishes or just by itself. I will be buying more in the future.

Aslihan Akkaya
Beef Stew


Michael patterson
Premium quality beef chunks

This is absolutely my go-to meat for many different soupy food. It's versatile premium quality low on fat/grease. Thank you Midamar!

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