1079 1199
  • All Halal Beef Burgers, No FIllers
  • Top-Quality Zabiha Halal Beef
  • Ready to Grill Burgers
  • A 1.3 Lb Pack (6 Patties)
  • A 10.4lb Case (8 Packs)

"We have been using these to grill outside this summer, and love them! Great taste, and very juicy. Very happy and grateful to have such high quality halal food available to order through the internet" -J. Smith

Midamar Halal Pure Beef Burgers are made from top quality 100% pure grain-fed cattle, and then ground and formed into perfectly sized patties. No soy, no fillers, all Halal beef! Each Midamar Halal Pure Beef Burger is individually quick frozen. Fry or grill these burgers from frozen for ease and convenience.

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Halal 100% Pure Beef Burger
1079 1199

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Latifa W

My son is in college. This gives him a healthy and delicious choice. Thank you.

Dalia Aref
Very Tasty

These burgers were very tasty. Will be buying again.

Pamela Burgin
100% halal pure beef patties

I just think these are the greatest!! I love how you take them from frozen straight to the pan. I ordered like a crazy woman but I really could eat them every night!! Thank you for this product

Pamela burgin
Halal 100% Pure beef Burger

These were so tasty and just the right size and I love that you cook them from frozen- no thought process for dinner, lunch - even good with eggs for breakfast!

Shahla Spencer
Wicked delicious

I love these burgers!! They are super tasty and I like how they are just 100% beef.

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