• Gulfood Award-winning Product

  • Top-quality Midwestern Halal Beef

  • No MSG Or Fillers Added

  • Try A 12 oz Package Or A Case Of 12 Packs

  • Also, Try Our Sandwich Style Beef Strips

"Best bacon ever! Good with eggs, in a sandwich or just cooked and served." - Denise K

Many have tried to duplicate our award-winning Beef Breakfast Strips but there remains only one brand that leads in satisfying customers, Midamar. Midamar Halal Breakfast Beef is perfect on its own, in a BLT or fried with eggs, in a salad, or on pizza. Perfectly smoked and made with top quality Midwestern Halal beef with absolutely no MSG or fillers.

Ingredients: Halal Beef, Plates cured with water, Water, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite

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Halal Hickory Smoked Breakfast Beef

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Hafeezah Brenda Bell
Good eating!!

My family loves this brand. Sliced nice for quick cooking time.
Love my Halal Beef Bacon🙂

The best beef bacon

This bacon is so delicious I’ve ordered this several times. It’s shipped on dry ice in a huge thick styrofoam cooler. I would highly recommend this bacon to anyone.

Carolyn Robinson
Beef bacon

I love your bacon. I try to keep it on hand. It's expensive but good

Darledia Alexander
Bacon Is Simply Awesome!

At first I was hesitant to order because I had been disappointed by other companies when ordering beef bacon. But let me tell you, I can truly say this bacon is so awesome! I ordered a case and I am not disappointed at all. The taste is so great, my husband and I cooked the first lb. as soon as we received it and we ate almost the entire pound in one breakfast; that's how good it is. The right amount of fat and the taste is so great it can become addictive to the point you want more. Thank you Halal for offering such great product for those of us who are anaphylactic to pork and turkey. Please never stop making this bacon. Thank you, I will be ordering more bacon. From a happy customer

Mary Hamin

The Halal Smoked Beef very good and it cook well.Thanks.

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