• Top Quality Choice Beef

  • Rich In Protein And Other Nutrients

  • Perfectly Tender And A Very Tasty Cut

  • Try A 10 Oz Steak Or A Case Of 16 Steaks

"The best quality possible for a steak. Super tender and delicious." -Majid H.

Halal New York Strip Steak is a premium, well marbled quality cut of beef that is sure to please grillers everywhere. Perfectly lean and always tender this cut comes from the short loin that does little work making it tender and flavorful. Roast, grill, or fry this Halal New York strip steak and serve with potatoes and your favorite vegetables! Enjoy the hearty and succulent cuts of boneless Halal New York Strip Steak for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast!

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Halal Choice Strip Loin Steak 10 oz

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