• Delicious Halal Whole Chicken

  • Each Chicken Is Approximately 2 To 3.5 Lbs

  • Try a Case of 10 Birds

  • Due To Ongoing Supply Issues, We Can Not Guarantee The Size Of The Whole Chickens At This Time

Midamar Halal foods is pleased to offer this uniquely wholesome, Halalthy™, and delicious Halal Whole Chicken. This all-natural chicken fryer is delightful roasted, baked, and grilled!

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Halal Whole Chicken

Customer Reviews

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denise Kemper
Great quality

I am so pleased with these chickens. Sometimes I use them to make soup stock ro sometimes they are great for the multi pot. If I want a clear broth I pull the meat and freeze for later. either way they are outstanding.

Kristine Ibrahim-Aguirre
Halal Whole Chicken

We love it!

Rose Garner

I'm please to say, I'm a senior with a back ground of both city and southern family farmers. As a child with my cash allowances some of my spending would go towards buying a dozen of baby chicks. I fed them oatmeal and cornmeal, mostly oatmeal. When my Grandmother came to visit, due to my mother's call. Living in New York City, my Grandmother was very amazed to how bigger size of my chicken then her. They were big chicks! I even had a roster which cost me more. My favorite part of a chicken is the wings and legs. I love fried chicken,chicken dumping, and chicken with egg noodles. I felted denied of those three dishes when I open the box and seen the size of two whole chickens in my order. I was so disappointed. If Midamarhalal was very close by I would have send both whole chicken back to the store. You insulted my taste buds. If it had not been because the chicken is Halal, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah I couldn't get angry. That's one of my reasons why I Love Islam so very very very mush. Allah Akbar! Al-Hamdulillab! Please allow the chickens wings and legs to grow to it's full size. The nutrients are in the dark meat of the chicken body as well as the flavors.

Habeeb Bacchus
5 stars.

Came solidly frozen despite insulated box crushed all around, & dry ice melted. Results would be catastrophic had it lay over the weekend at carrier's warehouse.
The carrier need be more careful the way FROZEN SHIPMENT is handled. Maybe, just a FRAGILE LABEL to box will help. Until my next order... Thanks.

Michael Ulanski
Delicious Chicken

Tender, and juicy. This will be a staple in my fridge. The chicken was moist and delicious.

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