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Midamar HalalMidamar Halal
Halal Cacio e Pepe Chicken

Halal Cacio e Pepe Chicken

Are you craving a flavor trip to Italy and looking for a new Halal recipe to help make your next dinner delicious? What luck that you’ve found this recipe then because this Halal Cacio e Pepe chicken is a creamy and decadent dream dinner that you won’t be able to get enough of. So, if the thought of juicy Halal chicken served in a rich and flavorful cream sauce interests you, let’s take a look!

Starting off, cacio e pepe is a pasta dish that famously requires your attention while cooking to turn out just the way you want it, while this cacio e pepe chicken isn't too demanding, you will need to take the time to let everything come to a simmer and reduce a few times throughout. For the chicken, the star of this recipe, we used Halal chicken thighs from Midamar, and these actually helped save time in the cooking process. Some recipes use bone-in chicken thighs that require more time to cook, but we used boneless chicken that doesn’t take as long to cook. We’re already saving you time with this recipe!

This chicken will make a few trips in and out of the pan during cooking and that’s really the most complicated step in this process, cook the chicken in an oven save pan at the start, then remove it to start making the sauce in the same pan, letting all of the great flavors come together, and add it back to the pan again when it all goes in to oven, simple enough. So don’t let the complicated reputation of cacio e pepe fool you, this recipe is deceptively simple.

As for the sauce that ties this recipe together, that’s where most of the time will be spent during cooking. Like I said earlier, it's a matter of stirring, letting it simmer and reduce before adding the next ingredients over time. It’s a combination of yellow onion, Halal chicken broth, heavy cream, and shredded pecorino cheese along with a few other spices all cooked together in the same pan, so all the flavors of this dish can really come together and make one fantastically flavorful finished dish. Don't worry about any chicken bits at the bottom of the pan, those will get deglazed from the bottom and add more flavor and complexity to the final product. And cacio e pepe, literally meaning cheese and pepper, isn’t complete without, you gussed it, cheese and pepper. So serve your chicken and sauce over a pasta and top with plenty of ground pepper and shredded cheese.


And that’s it for this recipe. As you can see, it isn’t anything too complicated, it just takes time to get it right and, in the end, it absolutely pays off with this amazing chicken and fantastically creamy sauce. This is one you can be proud to show off, so if you make it for yourself be sure to share it with someone else who might enjoy it because this is a dish that deserves to be shared and appreciated. Enjoy this until we catch you next time with a new recipe!

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